Akash Banerjee wrote his opinion on the Gaurav Taneja vs. Dhruv Rathee controversy

Recently, Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) replied to a tweet by Dhruv Rathee by attaching a screenshot of the tweet.

Why can’t different opinions exist on the internet?

Why do some foreigners want to control all content on the internet?


Gaurav Taneja
Dhruv Rathee Tweet
Dhruv Rathee Tweet

Where Dhruv Rathee replied –

No controversy can save your dying “career” Gaurav, not even exploiting your kids for drama. 

You gotta make valuable content for that. Let me suggest my YouTube Blueprint course if you need help. Good luck 🙂

Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee also attached the statistics of Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube channel below.

Gaurav Taneja YouTube channel statistics
Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube channel statistics

Here’s what Akash Banerjee wrote as his opinion on Instagram:

A very important question has been raised by Gaurav Taneja about Dhruv Rathee’s control over internet content and conversation.

A primary reason for this is that most of the 10M+ creators have started to treat their loyal audiences as money-making machines. Someone is buying a 10 crore farmhouse, another one is selling snake venom, while the third one never gets tired of showing off his gold-plated iPhone. While making money is not a sin, most creators have stopped giving a rat’s ass about the struggles of their core audience. (Who wants to piss off the Supreme Leader?)

That’s where Dhruv stepped in and won the trust of young India, talking about issues that impact them, rather than showing off a rich lifestyle. For the same reason, creators like Taneja are feeling the pinch, witnessing massive stagnation in their online growth because their audience is seeing through the fakeness.

While no one expects snake-charmers to make videos on NEET and NTA, it’s disappointing to note that there hasn’t been a single peep from Gaurav Taneja, an IIT alumnus, on the burning NEET issue. Entrance exams are something he could have addressed with authority, rallying support for lakhs of students. In return, he could have gained some trust and goodwill, but that would have taken some balls and involved a lot of business risk.

Taneja seems to have chosen the easier option: reducing himself to a godi-influencer who gets arrested for a ‘party’ and trolls Dhruv Rathee, rather than asking tough questions to the government on behalf of his core audience.

Enjoy the loot, Taneja, but don’t grudge others for choosing to matter.

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