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Nadir Nibras: The Journey of an Inspiring Travel Vlogger – Nadir on the Go

Nadir on the Go” is somewhat underrated. His full name is Nadir Nibras, but travel enthusiasts know him better by his nickname, “Nadir on the Go.” He started this as a hobby and has now become a full-time professional travel blogger. His videos on Facebook and YouTube have millions of views.

Nadir was born in Dinajpur. His father, AKM Fazlul Karim, is a government-employed dentist, which meant Nadir’s childhood was spent moving across various districts in northern Bangladesh due to his father’s job.

After 2000, Nadir and his family moved to Dhaka, where he completed his O and A levels from an English medium school. In 2010, he went to the United States for his undergraduate studies.

During his studies, Nadir sought opportunities to travel in his spare time. His passion for travel led him to get involved with various organizations. Nadir credits his family for his love of travel, saying, “Since childhood, my parents used to take us on international trips almost every year. Within the country, we would travel somewhere at least every two months.”

Nadir completed his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and began a PhD in biomedical engineering. During his PhD, he also completed a master’s in data science and electrical engineering.

While studying data science, Nadir read and wrote for various journals and magazines on the subject. About six to seven months ago, he decided to quit his PhD to focus entirely on traveling. This decision marked the beginning of his journey.

Driven by his passion for travel, this young Bangladeshi has been exploring different countries. However, he never imagined becoming a full-time travel blogger.

On December 17, 2016, Nadir opened a YouTube channel called “Nadir on the Go” and uploaded his first video. Initially, it was just for himself and to show new places to family and friends.

Nadir says, “In two years, I uploaded 25 videos. My channel had only 100 subscribers then, all of whom were acquaintances. Over the next two years, that number reached 200.”

In 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Nadir watched travel videos from home. One day, after watching an old English vlog, he created a vlog in Bengali. The video titled “Travel to 48 Visa-Free Countries with a Bangladesh Passport” went viral immediately after uploading.

This video has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube and even more on Nadir’s Facebook page. This surge in views sparked Nadir’s interest in creating travel videos.

Nadir began traveling to various parts of the world, from the dense forests of the Amazon to the most beautiful places in Hawaii. One day, he might be holding a bunch of live snakes; the next, swimming with sharks. He uploads these videos on his YouTube channels, which have content in both Bengali and English.

In 2021, Nadir won the Best Content Creator award in the travel vlog category at Blender’s Choice, as well as several other awards, including the Daily Star OTT and Digital Content Awards 2021.

Despite his achievements and fame, Nadir somehow remains under the radar, possibly because he doesn’t engage in the antics or emotional manipulations that other YouTubers do. However, Nadir Nibras dedicates himself to his work, which has brought him to where he is today.

Nadir’s closest friends were his family, and it was mainly the inspiration he received from them that made him passionate about traveling. I learned that Nadir’s dear friend, his mother, has passed away on 21 May 2024. I pray for the forgiveness of her soul and that the creator grants her eternal peace.

This article was originally written in Bengali by Mizanur Rahman Niloy and translated into English by Inu Etc.

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