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What is wrong with Indian parents? — Tragic Suicide of NEET Aspirant in Kota: A Day After Exam Results

The day after the NEET-UG results were announced, an eighteen-year-old medical aspirant allegedly jumped from the ninth floor of a building, police reported on Thursday. Bagisha Tiwari, who lived on the fifth floor of the multi-storey building with her mother and brother, is believed to have committed suicide on Wednesday.

She was immediately taken to a private hospital but succumbed to her injuries an hour later, according to authorities.

Following the tragic suicide of a NEET aspirant in Kota the day after the medical entrance exam results were released, a user on Reddit wrote this:

What have we done with our children? Look at this girl. In that moment, sitting on that railing, she truly believed her life was over. Just because of one stupid test, her life ended and there was literally nothing else left for her in this entire universe.

What’s wrong with Indian parents? They put so much pressure on their children that they actually find it easier to commit suicide than to defend themselves. What kind of parenting is this?

How can these parents live with the guilt of their children’s deaths that were in fact the direct result of their own actions?

I know some of you will say ki coaching institutes aur peer pressure bhi hota hai par parents pe complete blame hai. All the other things cannot put you in that state of mind. It only happens when a kid starts to think that there is no option of going back to parents and confess the truth.

When you as a parent block this channel, you have no idea what effect it has on a 16 or 17 year old. Who knows nothing about this world.

If God forbid my child does this because of an irrelevant exam and leaves me a piece of paper. I can’t even imagine how I’m going to live with this guilt for the rest of my damn life.

For God sake there are many other better things to do in this world than IIT, Neet and upsc.

Dear Indian parents, please be better.

Please let your kids live, please let them breathe🙏

This shit is depressing af…

A user added –

Average Indian parenting is really bad, and it reflects in society, our movies, our politics, our values, our environment, our patent numbers and onwards.

In my friend circle if they didn’t get grand parent support in The First 5 years of the childs life it would be next to impossible to raise the kid.

There is so much wrong I don’t even know where to start, Indian kids are always scared into submission their entire lives, can never freely express themselves, never ever.

So many under 25s here post weekly about how they are lonely and a failure mostly on account of academics. 90%+ of engineering grads never do engineering. Desi students don’t even take time off to understand their aptitude and choose a vocation or profession. It’s all programmatic, 10th, pcm, iit, drop for 1 or 2 years, IIM, MBA etc etc.

Another user added,

Damn! It’s so painful to watch this. Parenting has become toxic in India. Comparing their children grades with their friends, prioritising academics over their interest and passion, pressuring children to write competitive exams what the hell happened to our society. Even educated parents know that grades are not the only thing needed for a children to succeed. Yet they want ther child to be doctor or IAS or get into IIT. There is something wrong in our current education system. It should be changed.

This article is written by yellow_pills, a Reddit user.

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