Please don’t be fooled by “she took 70% of his money on divorce” news — Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic’s divorce rumors

Krunal Pandya shared heartwarming photos of their son Agastya amid Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic’s divorce rumors. Natasa Stankovic also commented on the image.

Also, recently, there were memes and news circulating that Natasa Stankovic will take 70% of Hardik Pandya’s divorce settlement.

In response to those memes, a user on Reddit wrote this,

These are all agenda fuelled news to rile up a certain section of society. There are multiple reasons you should never believe these news :

1. There is no math or formula to find out how much percentage a woman got after divorce. The distribution can be very complicated. No one can give a fixed number. So these 50% , 70% number is just bogus.

2. I work in the industry of managing money for these 1% rich. Most of these people have their wealth under a trust set up or through a company. Their personal name does not have too much.

No one can put all their assets in one page and say – you have 100 cr, you’ll have to give u 50cr. It’s divided into multiple assets, multiple names and entities. Infact, no one, let alone these news agencies, know how much money any celebrity has. So how can they say how much they gave up to their ex.

Also, the law and formula behind the distribution is also never 50% of everything. It’s based on each asset class, when it was acquired etc.

3. Most importantly, these rich people don’t represent us at all. Their reality is very different from the rest of the country.

Don’t be riled up and start thinking about how unfair laws are for these people. Poor xyz had to give up 50% of his wealth to her ex wife. It’s usually never true.

A lawyer added,

70% of husband’s money on divorce sounds impossible to me. In most divorce matters, the Courts grant the wife somewhere between 20-33% of the husband’s money in cases where permanent alimony is payable and 25% of the husband’s monthly salary where maintenance is to be paid. Furthemore, the Court will assess the independent means of the wife, property in her name, etc. to determine the amount she is entitled to receive, if any. The education and marriage of children, their age, who will retain their custody, etc. are also relevant factors in determining the final amount payable.

The maximum amount payable to a wife (when the husband refuses to maintain her and the Court has to forcefully attach his salary under Section 51, CPC read with Section 60, CPC) would be up to 66% of the monthly salary can be attached for a maximum period of 24 months. It goes without saying that even in these cases the entirety of the 66% is not attached because the Court is not blind to the fact that the husband might have his own living expenses and other family members to maintain.

Though, in all fairness, I don’t know who is the person referred to in this post, I am positive that no Family Court in India will grant 70% of the husband’s entire money / liquidated assets as permanent alimony. This may be possible only if –

  1. The husband gave an exaggerated account of his assets before the Court, or
  2. There was extremely poor lawyering involved from the side of the husband.

Another user wrote,

This news is not even authentic. People have just pulled it out of fake news spreading insta pages. Natasha has just removed “Pandya” from her name in her Instagram handle. Priyanka Chopra also did something similar a while ago. This 70% figure is also a blatant misinformation.

I think, all these rumors are just rumors, and Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya are not going to separate at all.

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