Why does ‘relax, it’s just a movie’ apply only to male-centric movies?

So, ‘Crew’ is going to be released on Netflix, and the trailer comment section is filled with ‘feminism this, feminism that.’ The top comment itself is—’no story at the end, I believed everyone is to be a smuggler, don’t watch.’ I mean, I get that even ‘Animal’ received criticism, some valid, some invalid. But criticism for ‘Crew’ is just… I can’t.

There is a long Quora thread about crew’s opening line about “Devi o aur haramiyo” saying it’s degrading men People who have watched the movie may know that this is said in context but even out of context

I don’t get why people are angry? There are millions of movies with these kinds of misogynist remarks for women the so-called “wife jokes” Which we have endured for years and years recent example is jug jug jeyo where Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor drunk make jokes like.

Anil Kapoor: Shaadi ke baad biwi itni boring kyun hojati hai?

Varun: Papa apne muh ki baat chin li

Anil: Aur patniya mu se niwal chin leti hai tu baat ki baat kar Raha hai

Varun: Dunia ka sabse bada festival kaun sa pata hai

Anil: Kaunsa?

Varun:Gharwali, kyunki use baar baar mana na pad ta hai”

There is no outrage for these remarks and are conveniently swept under the rug because umm because it’s just a conversation it’s society men have this conversation blah blah.

A user on Reddit (Brilliant-Gap3938) posted the above text with the question – “Why does ‘relax, it’s just a movie’ apply only to male-centric movies?”

Here are some replies.

Double standards. It’s like how suspension of disbelief only applies to male action stars when they’re defying physics and biology. For a female action movie everything becomes “unrealistic”.

People were cheering on that disgusting wide pelvis dialogue from animal in the theatres. Those same people will get offended by “feminist man hating dialogues”. 

Fuzzy_Move, a Reddit user

Because even slightly “risqué” female centric movies are stopped from release by the censor board.

‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ wasn’t allowed to release in India until it cut out 11 scenes deemed too controversial by the censor board. And this was after it had already won awards at film festivals in the west. I have watched the movie, and while it is out and out feminist – it is visually very mild.

‘India’s Daughter’, an investigative documentary about the Nirbhaya case, was straight up banned in our country because it wouldn’t be a “good look” and was deemed too critical of the Indian legal system.

The system is patriarchal, not just socially but also politically and legally. They all feed into each other and ensure that the patriarchal gaze and standards persist.

How can we convince society to relax about female centric anything when even the buddhas who are trained to and in charge of guiding our society to be more evolved can’t stop projecting their own misogyny onto everything!

Patheticpitt, a Reddit user

As other comments have said – extreme misogyny. I used to be one of the people hating on women-centric movies till I realized men-centric action movies are much much worse and glorify horrible things, yet somehow they get celebrated and are considered heroic.

Same goes for romance genre. Anything women like is considered less appealing to the masses or too “cheesy”. Most men don’t even want to watch romance movies because of the notion around it. At the same time, women feel like they need to watch men-centric movies to “fit in” and “sound cool/like a bro”. This is ofc not a dig as every person has the right to watch what they want, but these patterns end up occuring due to our misogynistic society.

Expressivememecat, a Reddit user

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