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Why do people go to the mountains?

To understand the answer to the question “Why do people go to the mountains?”, you need to go to the mountains yourself. No amount of explanation or reading books can make someone understand “why people go to the mountains.”

The joy of seeing the world from the mountain peak, the emotion of touching the summit, the sensation of soaking in the water of a waterfall or stream—these are experiences that cannot be explained to anyone.

Those who go to the mountains are a bit different from others. They tend to be altruistic, patient, humble, and nature-loving. No other addiction attracts them.

They don’t sell their lives for the greed of wealth. Take the example of Everest conqueror Babar Ali. He could have lived a luxurious life with a six-figure salary in an international organization or as a doctor with a car and house, regularly touring Europe.

But no, he repeatedly left international jobs.

He dedicated his life to nature.

There is a call from the mountains that not everyone can hear. When I hear it, the polluted city feels suffocating to me. To hear and understand that call of the mountains, you must go to the mountains. When you see raindrops on the green hills, you will be certain that there is no more beautiful moment.

When the formidable beauty of the snow-covered mountains appears before your eyes, you will repeatedly bow your head in the love of the Creator. When you immerse yourself in the waters of a waterfall, you might ask yourself,

“Why so much restlessness in life?”

You will see that all the sorrow and grief in your mind will fade away. Your mind will become calm and peaceful. When you repeatedly risk death on daring paths and taste victory, you will realize how insignificant we are before nature.

Thoughts of rivalry, conflict, and strife will disappear from your mind. Instead of spending money in restaurants, go to the mountains with friends, go to the mountains with family. You will get a glimpse of the answer to the question, “

Why do people go to the mountains?”

This article was originally written in Bengali by Monirul Islam and translated into English by Inu Etc.

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