How Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma managed to carve out a personal, happy, and very private space for themselves

Freddy Birdy recounted his experience of interviewing Anushka Sharma and wrote about how Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma managed to carve out a personal, happy, and very private space for themselves.

He wrote,

I don’t write for magazines, but many years ago, Vogue magazine asked me to write a cover story on Anushka Sharma. At that time, she was single and living in a beautiful penthouse apartment. I remember flying down from Delhi to Bombay for the interview.

My driver seemed more excited than I was as we approached her apartment. He whispered to me, “You must ask her if she is dating Virat Kohli.”

Anushka, I remember, was stunningly beautiful yet completely unpretentious. She greeted me by saying that her mother had advised her to at least comb her hair for the interview, but she thought it looked great as it was.

She was not only beautiful but also funny, down-to-earth, and incredibly relaxed. We chatted like old friends, and eventually, my journalistic instincts prompted me to ask her about Virat Kohli.

With her best acting skills, she feigned ignorance about the question, and I decided to let it go, not being one to press like Arnab Goswami.

A few minutes later, her mobile phone rang, breaking the silence of the room. I could hear the person on the other end flirting in a charming way and making dinner plans with her—it was clearly Virat Kohli.

Today, Virat Kohli is a national and world champion, and they have a beautiful marriage with two children. They have successfully created a personal, happy, and very private space for themselves, away from the media spotlight.

I still remember returning to my car, with my driver eagerly asking if she had said anything about Virat Kohli. While I was smiling to myself, I simply replied, “No.”

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